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Get Tech-Wise with Low-Voltage Systems

Diamond Electronics in Hightstown, New Jersey is your source for a wide variety of low-voltage systems including everything from audio systems and home theater, to telephone systems and everything in between. Homeowners, homebuilders, and others have been relying on us for our technical expertise 24 hours a day, as well as our design, installation, and service experience for over 35 years.

Custom Services & Features

You can expect a comprehensive survey of the premises, provided free of charge. After a thorough evaluation, you'll receive system design options based on your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Enjoy installation expertise developed from over 35 years in the business for worry-free system operation. The Diamond Electronics service includes:

Timely Installations With Minimum Disruption | State-of-the-Art UL Listed Electronic Equipment and Hardware | Attention to Detail | Meticulous Post Installation Cleanup | One-year Equipment, Installation, and Workmanship Guarantee | Fast Diagnosis and Reliable Repair | 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring for Around the Clock Premises Security | 24-Hour Emergency Service 

Home Theater

Home Theater

Connect a new or existing display to recessed, surround-sound speakers or tie-in existing or new equipment including receivers, amplifiers, DVD players, and video game units. Need a display? Choose from a range of LCD, plasma screen, and projector televisions (not readily available at retail stores), and we can install them in existing cabinetry or as stand-alone sets.  Satellite and cable TV wiring is also available.

Whole House Audio

Fill your home with the sounds of music you love, and control the music from room-to-room, including the outdoors. Take your music to your deck, patio, or pool area with speakers that blend into your natural environment.

Audio/Video Intercom Systems

Know exactly who is at your door and communicate with them using the audio intercom or video entry system. Home or office intercoms integrate with telephones or other systems.


Highly personalized services are meant to meet your individual needs and Diamond Electronics pledges to meet, although we often exceed, your requirements and expectations. Your feedback helps us achieve superiority in our industry and with all our clients — from beginning to end.